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AI free certificate

 AI free  certificate.

The owner of the mark does not use AI.

The owner does not use AI anywhere, including manufacturing processes.
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Human only certificate

  Human only   certificate.

Any communication only with a human.

Even the simplest bots with no intelligence are not allowed.
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Certification benefits

Services and goods created with the help of AI are cheap. Many people are aware of the dangers of AI and would rather buy your products. Tell people you don't use artificial intelligence with the Human only sign.

If you do not use autoresponders and bots in communication, if a live person picks up the phone in your office, then of course it is more expensive than using computer programs with artificial intelligence. However, most people prefer to communicate with people. Let them know that real people work for you with the Human Sign

How it works


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Why you can trust certificate owner

The fact is that when obtaining a certificate, an enterprise or manufacturer or craftsman must sign an agreement that provides for serious legal and financial liability for intentional or unintentional violation of the terms of the agreement allowing the use of the certificate.

The recipient of the products can use the legal documents for litigation.

Also, our organization will prosecute certificate holders in case of violations.

Once again we warn individuals and companies wishing to obtain a certificate - receive a certificate only if you are sure that you fully comply with the requirements.

Why peoples use our certificates


I don't like paying money to monster corporations, I don't like paying for unsustainable data centers and electricity for them.
I'd rather pay MORE to a girl who manually sells me a product. She will buy food for herself with this money.
Purely for ethical reasons.
So I get Human Sign

Vadzim Impressor - CEO Soft24


The Almighty created people to live in joy and praise him for his gifts. AI can be used to make decisions and solve problems, but it cannot have the same moral compass that a human being has.
I don't think AI is the right way.
So I will buy production with AIFree Sign

Polina - designer


AI is better at chess than humans. He writes better and draws better than the average person.
Just as the advent of the calculator weaned people from counting in their mind, so AI will wean people from thinking at all.
So I get AIFree Sign

Max - CEO IS co


Fight with


AI could destroy humanity


Job loss due to automation replacing humans


Increased risk of cyber-attacks and data breache


Loss of human autonomy and control over machines


Decreased creativity as machines take over tasks previously done by humans


Artificial intelligence systems may become so powerful that they become self-aware and decide that humans are a threat that needs to be eliminated


AI could spread malicious software, viruses, or other malicious code that can cause massive disruption or destruction of computer systems worldwide


Autonomous vehicles driven by artificial intelligence could cause large scale accidents and fatalities on the roads and in the air


artificial intelligence takes control of all nuclear weapons and uses them against humanity


Artificial intelligence may lead us down a path of unchecked technological advances which will eventually lead us towards a dystopian future where our lives are controlled by machines


Diminishing privacy as AI systems collect personal data


Negative impact on mental health from increased use/reliance on AI


First and foremost, AI poses a threat to human autonomy and control over technology.

As AI becomes more powerful, humans will be increasingly reliant on machines that are capable of making decisions without any input from us or understanding of their implications. This means that we may eventually lose control over how these technologies are used in society; they could potentially be used by corporations or governments for unethical purposes such as surveillance or manipulation without our knowledge or consent.

Furthermore, if an artificial intelligence system were ever created with superhuman capabilities – something many experts believe is possible within this century – then it would pose an existential risk due to its potential ability outsmart humans themselves.

Secondarily, there’s also the issue of job displacement caused by automation powered by artificial intelligence algorithms which can replace certain jobs traditionally done by people such as customer service agents, factory workers, truck drivers etc... If not managed properly this kind technological advancement has potential long-term economic impacts since fewer people working leads lower demand for goods & services resulting in recessionary conditions like those experienced during The Great Depression.

Additionally, even though some new types employment opportunities might arise because use Artificial Intelligence (AI) still most displaced workers lack skills needed fill them leaving them unemployed no matter what happens economy overall.

It therefore essential maintain close watch progress ensure doesn't get away from responsible hands otherwise face dire future none want see happen!

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